Welcome to HGS!

Hillsdale General Store—whether in person or onlineis an old-time department store, where we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. Our specialty: Whether vintage or old-style new, we stock the shelves of our historic 1855 shop with things that don’t go out of style.  The kind of products that you’ll still be happy to have in 40 years.

  • We love locally or American-made goods.
  • We admit to having a real thing for tureens, and other vintage finds. 
  • We’re proud to be a hub of the historic Hillsdale, New York, hamlet.
  • We've been recommended by Martha Stewart Living, Elle Decor, Food & Wine, and Traditional Home.
  • Whether you’re our literal neighbors or not, we’re at your service, with personal-shopper advice, and a smile. 

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